3 ways Polywood sustainable packaging will draw brand loyalty

22, Oct 2019

Are you struggling to find the ultimate innovative packaging solution? One that resonates with your brand and consumer values?

A resource that shows the end-user (and your competitors) you are providing a mindful, leading-edge solution that’s eco-friendly and provides sustainability? One that will ultimately trigger their long-term thought-buying process and brand loyalty…

We recently had an exhibition stand at the Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging 2019 at Olympia in September 2019. We met so many people seeking the next and most resourceful packaging solutions, looking for socially responsible and ethical suppliers and solutions … it’s a serious mission.

Here are our 3 top ways Polywood’s bottles and containers will draw brand loyalty with our consumers:

1. Natural and inspirational solutions

Our unique plastic bottles and containers are made up of 20% wood fibre. They have a distinctive visual effect and can be coloured.

Your organisation will see the potential, qualities and the benefits of the natural fibres our bottles and containers possess – a hybrid innovation in packaging solutions.

To drastically cut the impact of our commercial products, we use renewable and CO2 neutral raw materials in the manufacturing process.



2. Sustainable benefits of Polywood biomaterial bottles

• Renewable fibres reduce resin by 20%
• 10% wood fibre
• Natural fibres are renewable and CO2 neutral
• Reduce raw crude by 40%
• Less carbon footprint during production
• Antibacterial effect due to the natural fibres

Find out more at our Polywood natural environment, CO2 neutral products hub

3. So tactile!

Seriously! We are not exaggerating… our Polywood bottles and containers possess a smooth and glossy feel to them due to the natural fibres.

Almost hypnotic in its uniqueness. Your consumers will not be able to stop trying to work out why these containers are so different to others. The ‘gold fleck’ that runs throughout our bottles is also due to the natural fibres, an admirable and unique effect.


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