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Information about certificates:

Bio-certificates can be given. It should be noted between Bio-degradable and bio-based are different terms. Our materials are by proportion 20% bio-based renewable materials, this is not bio-degradable. Our products are developed for outdoor continuous use.

Bio Certificates: Polywood Compliance – Food Contact

Polywood PE & Polywood PP have been tested and passed for food contact in 2010. This certificate can be renewed if essential for your product compliance.

Direct food contact for base PE mix for All Polywood

Direct food contact for base PE mix for All Polywood

APPROVAL Direct food contact [dry foods] and wvtr [water vapour transfer rate] now in production

Direct food contact for base PE mix for All Polywood
Direct food contact for base PE mix for All Polywood

Disposal of NFC material

Our materials are generally recyclable, because the base polymer is a thermoplastic. The current status of bio-polymers and their disposals or recycling is as follows. Due to the small proportion currently in the products cycle there are no separate recycling legislation. Therefore, it is recommended that these products are used in thermal recovery. Biopolymers are more highly regarded than pure fossil polymers since the organic fraction of the bio-material is CO2 neutral, thus a usable energy can be recovered without additional CO2 emissions.

Generally, it is worth understanding that bio-degradable materials are renewable, but the CO2 is formed during the composition, as if they had been thermally recovered, but without the recovery benefits. Until NFC’s become more regularly used and constitute a higher level for recyclers the product can be disposed into waste or biogas plants still with reduced carbon footprint to [pure plastics.


Production founded in 2000 we make:

  • Containers and bottles with volume up to 8 litres
  • Closures and containers
  • Standard base materials PP and PE
  • Products based on renewable raw materials, such as Polywood, Recycled HDPE, Green PE
  • Certified according to ISO 9001: 2015
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