Reasoning behind NFCs


Plastics in production

To produce 1KG of Polymer [e.g. Polypropylene] requires 2 Litres of oil to be consumed

In the production of 1KG of plastic [PE, PP] are about 2KG CO2 is released.

Further, 2.5kg Cox and 10KG NOx are released per KG of Polymer.

Oil, as a raw material has to be transported and refined, a huge energy expenditure, in the engines of trucks and ships. Just in the movement of oil causes oil consumption and CO2 emissions.

Oil is finite, and should be conserved and not squandered, let alone needing to control the greenhouse gases released in its usage.

What if we could reduce the use of crude oil in our plastics by up to 40% in the production process?

What we offer in sustainability for plastics

Natural fibres are renewable and CO2 neutral

If you consider the oil “balance” when used with a sustainable raw material, a hybrid Natural fibre-reinforced polymer composite (NFC) will return double the saving in whatever the percentage. A filling level of 20% natural fibre saves at least 40% crude oil!, as much CO and CO2 and tenfold thy NOx per 1 kg

20% NFC means 200g saving per 1KG, saving 400ml of oil, 400g CO2, 500g CO and 2KG NOx.

The natural fibres we use, saw dust and wood chips are plentiful and sustainable, unlike fossil resources, an NFC reduces the dependence on the finite resources.

Natural fibre production is reasonably stable in geo-political terms.

Exclusively local natural fibres aer used for polymer production, the cost of transportation is minimised.

The NFC reinforced products are 100% recyclable with the correct cycle.


In broad terms, the use of natural fibres as raw materials within ecologically centred industries and supply chains delivers products more suitable to a conscientious consumer market.

Commodity dependence is reduced, all-natural fibres are available in quantity at production source and importantly are not in competition with food production. This helps to make us competitive in times of globalisation.

The ability we have to innovate with our products strengthens our competitiveness and strengthens our business.

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