Polywood NFCs

Bio-materials are pure materials or composites that consist of at least 20% of renewable raw materials.
Renewable resources are CO2-neutral and sustainably available. These can also be incorporated as filler or reinforcing fiber in conventional polymers. They act just like mineral or artificial fiber in a polymer matrix.

A composite material based on PP and a sawdust (> 20%) is then a bio-material of the POLYWOOD family.

Why Polywood

Advantages and handling of bio-materials:

  • The bio-fraction in the material compensates for the oil used by a factor of 30 and higher.
  • 20% natural fiber thus saves up to 30 liters of oil per kilo of polymer!
  • Bio-materials are suitable for circulation and can be sorted by the disposer without any problems.
  • Alternatively – high quality thermal recovery.

Polywood Natural Fibre

Polywood Standard PWS

  • Renewable raw materials
  • Protecting the environment
  • 20% natural fibers possible.

Polywood Antibacterial PWA

  • Antibacterial grade
  • Sustained antibacterial effect scientifically proven.
  • Kills of bacteria and germs over a short time.

This material contains a special natural fibre which has a natural antibacterial effect. Polywood Antibacterial does not contain metal ions, metal salts, nanoparticles or synthetic agents. Numerous studies prove this remarkable effect lasts several years. Within a short time, bacteria, germs and other pathogens are effectively killed.

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