Greenpeace calls for Goverment to reduce plastic production by 75% by 2024.

Sky News reports ‘The UK throws away an estimated 1.7 billion pieces of plastic every week, and Greenpeace says its ‘out of control.”

The campaign group is warning that ‘plastic recycling will never be able to catch up with the amount of waste being produced.’

A joint study conducted by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastics suggest less than 17% of plastic remnants from the 1.7 billion pieces of plastic packaging households throw away weekly were being recycled in the UK, in comparison to the 58% currently being incinerated. To make matters worse ‘Global plastic production is set to triple by 2060.’ – Greenpeace.

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Without a big shift the amount of plastic waste in landfill, exported and plastics incinerated will also increase. Greenpeace and Everyday Plastics are urging policymakers to call for legally binding global targets to reduce plastic production by 75% by 2040.

‘The UK must also focus on reducing single use packaging, and transitioning towards reusable options – alternatives that cost less both financially and environmentally. Reducing the amount of plastic produced in the first place, means less plastic being burned, less carbon in the atmosphere and less toxins in our air. Greenpeace is demanding that the government halves single use plastic by 2025.’ – Greenpeace

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